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We cater small-to-medium-sized events, such as family gatherings or business events.


Taco bars are an easy and delicious way to please everyone. They are versatile and easily adapted for special diets or restrictions.


We can help make your event a great success.


Tacolandia is London Ontario’s only taco supper series. It is an excuse to gather around friends and family to share good food, drinks, and laughs.


Music plays in the background, tacos are being prepared on the spot, cold drinks arrive to the table. Repeat.


Each Tacolandia is different. The food and locations vary, but unique taco and drink pairings are a constant on the menu. If you are a taco lover, take a look to be in the loop!


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taco journal

I grew up very close to my grandpa, a dairy farmer who we called Papancho.


From him, I learned the value of wholesome, tasty meals. He had some dietary restrictions but that didn’t stop us from making and eating flavourful, healthy food.


Inspired by Papancho, I have been cooking for others for over 6 years.


When I’m not cooking, I love to travel and discover markets, street food, and restaurants, from hole-in-the-wall to high-end.


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545 Adelaide St N

London, ON







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empanada bar

Are you planning a gathering with friends or a business meeting?


Empanadas are always a crowd pleaser. Fillings can be meat or veggie, or both! Your choice.


Easy set up, healthy options. Everyone happy!


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