Eugenio Salas is a self-taught artist born in Mexico City and currently based in London (Canada) and Philadelphia. Disrupting social roles and dynamics and looking to explore the symbolic spaces that unfold, Salas’ practice involves collaborative process-based projects. Salas carries out participatory performative actions employing media, print and cooking.


His previous projects include baking and animating hundreds of doughnuts in a stop-motion animation to work through his experience in the fast-food industry (Snack Pack), building a Tunnel inside a gallery with a non-status construction worker and the exhibition curator, creating a parcel delivery system to exchange personal objects between Brazilians in Toronto and their families back home (YYZGRU Express), and baking a 22-foot long cake (The Supercake) in collaboration with immigrant women with whom he worked at a cake factory.

Individual Projects



The Supercake. McIntosh Gallery & Trinity United Church. London


Garage series. Garage_____. London


Social Plastics - Nail Party, Paris Nails & Gendai Gallery, Toronto

Group Projects



Grasping at the Roots, curated by Christina Battle Mitchell Art Gallery, MacEwan University, Edmonton. 


TransAMERICAS: a sign, a situation, a concept. Curated by Cassandra Getty. Museum London, London.


Legislative Art, screening and performance, Art + Design for Social Justice, OCAD, Toronto 

Taco Feast (collaboration with Juanita Lee), ArtLab Western University, London


Legislative Art (curation), screening and discussion, McIntosh Gallery & London Museum, London


Love takes the worry out… (collaboration with Reena Katz). Curated by Trevor Schwellnus Harbourfront Centre, Toronto


YYZGRU Express. New York University’s Hemispheric Institute Encuentro. Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil 


Centre for Incidental Activisms - CIA. Curated by Emelie Chhangur and Philip Monk. Art Gallery of York University, Toronto


Box of Books, Vol. lll. Curated by Darin Klein. New York Art Book Fair


Pan-Americas. Curated by Arlan Londoño. University of Toronto Art Centre. Toronto


Under New Management. Curated by Suzanne Carte. Project Room. Toronto


E-fagia Digital Event 09 (co-curation). New Media multi-venue exhibit, Toronto


Milan Gay, Lesbian and Queer Culture Festival, Italy


Wade. Public Video Installation Performance. Curated by Christie Pearson and Sandra Rechico YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto


Performance with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Pocha Nostra, Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto

Making History: Construction of Queer Identity. Curated by Peter Kingstone. Ryerson University, Toronto

Public Space Invaders, The Drake Hotel, Toronto

The Naughty Show. Toronto Animated Society. Toronto.

CFMDC Queer Program. Alucine Film Festival. Toronto


Niagara Falls Artist Host Program. Curated by Tone Olaf Nielsen & Morten Goll. Mercer Union. Toronto

Toronto New Works, Pleasure Dome, Toronto

Video Venturous Vanguard Festival, Los Angeles

Photopia, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

The TAIS Queer Show. Inside Out Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Toronto

I am what I am. Inside Out Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Toronto

Night Screening. Alley Jaunt Festival, Toronto.

Midnight and Madness. Expresion en Corto (film festival), Guanajuato Mexico


Boys with Boys. Mostra Lambda, Barcelona, Spain

North Carolina Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, North Carolina, United States

Detroit Docs Film Festival. Detroit, United States


Splice This! Super 8 Festival, Toronto


Crossed Looks. Museum of Journalism, Guadalajara, Mexico 

My City. Museum of Journalism, Guadalajara, Mexico

Brasicanos e Mexileiros. Casa das Rosas, San Paulo, Brazil


Barcelona Postcards.  Casa de la Cultura, Uruapan, Mexico 

Ivy. Centro Cultural El Refugio, Tlaquepaque, Mexico


Awards / Commissions



Best Education Program Award by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries


Best Public Program Award by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries 


Audience Award. Mostra Lambda, Barcelona, Spain 

New Toronto Works (Best Toronto Videos 2003), Toronto, Canada


Commissioned by Goethe Institute to develop “My city” Guadalajara, Mexico


Best Page Layout – Silver Award, The Society for News Design


Bibliography / Reviews

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Latin Trash. Inside Out Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Toronto

The Mexican Artfag Lab. Inside Out Festival, Toronto


© Eugenio Salas 2020

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